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Maximise your Storage Space with Fitted Wardrobes

When you invest in bespoke furniture we can build to your exact needs and requirements. This means you can choose the type of hanging space you want, the pull-out shelves, shoe storage, accessory trays and more. We design a layout to your exact requirements using the latest 3D software to create you maximum space.

In this article we discuss two ways that bespoke can give you more storage than off-the-shelf furniture.

Fitted wardrobe storage

Maximising your space

As an independent bespoke manufacturer we are not restricted by width, depth or height as some national brands are. That means we are truly bespoke and can build to any size. Some companies work to a set of pre-determined sizes of cabinets and doors and then use 'fillers' to cover the edges of your furniture. These fillers can sometimes be quite large and are wasted space that could be better utilised as storage! We minimise the fillers around the edges of your furniture, which are no more than 5cm. We also ensure that any doors are of equal size to maximise the space and to give you a balanced aesthetic.

Designed to maximise your space

Fitted furniture vs. freestanding furniture

Purchasing freestanding wardrobes and cupboards can mean that you're not getting the best from your space, especially if you have uneven walls or awkward areas such as attic and loft rooms. You can create up to 40% more storage by fitting bespoke furniture that will fill all available space, giving a feature to a room and even limiting the amount of surfaces to dust!

Fitted furniture maximises space
Save up to 40% in space compared to stand alone furniture

In the project below we were able to maximise the storage in this tricky sloping attic room with rounded ceilings and walls. A standard off-the shelf wardrobe would have really limited the amount of storage they could get into the space. We were able to maximise the space to give the client ample storage bespoke to their needs.

Why not get in touch today to discuss wardrobe solutions for your home. We can talk through the various options and give you an idea of costs and timings.


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